All Over You


All Over You
Words by E. Romano

Ever wonder why we do the things we do
Like we’re so connected a deeper form of deja vu’
I’m beginning to like this because its brought me here to you
And over time the hand that karma touched is mine
So many times I’ve turned my back to walk away
But the sun it shines on everybody everyday
Since it came my way, its getting hard not to follow
Cant bring me down the truth is written all over you

It's all over, its all over you
Its all over now, its written all over you
All over, its all over you, Its all over now

You better watch the you say ask you shall receive
I’ve only done what you’ve done for me
It’s comes around eventually
I’ll take good for good and bad for worse
I know it hurts, there aint no other way around it
You’re digging all this dirt suddenly surrounded
Karma’s coming back and singing your tune
Just like a book that’s written over you


I’ve been reaching' and stretching, pulling’ on the tension
I’ve got it figured out but forgot to mention
In my minds attention its holding’ me back
A little after class to work on the math
Over a natural track grab it in and attack
Every thing is going back so I’m back that
If I cant something then its out my way
I cant get nothing then I gotta say


I gotta lift it up and get it on the train
I know there's never been a better time to change
Its the little things in life that I forgot to talk about
Spread the love its time to top it off
Empty dreams on your own degree
The way thing are going you should stop parlay
Kick it back listen to the rhymes are phat
Cause I know that we’re burning a mess of stress with that
Everybody gotta a little karma see
I’ve got a little karma coming back to me


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Where's The Love?

Released 05/08/2011

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