Words by E. Romano

A little light comes shining through the window
And it feels so right coming in from outside
These city streets are gonna lead us to nowhere
So we'd better find our home tonight
It’s just some things that I see
I believe its suppose to be
But were caught somewhere in between the spice of life
Reaching out just to grab a hold
I had it once just to let it go
And some things you just cant control so I wont try

Your numbers coming up everyday
And I know I cant win if I don’t play

Its time to get down quick back to the heart of the matter
I lost the grip but it was something that I had to do
Made the call as life was hanging from the rafters
I’m reaching up just to get into that point of view


Leave me standing feet left on the ground
And from this point on let the truth be the only sound
If you want it, set it free
Let the love come back to me
If there’s one thing that we need it’s lottery
Come on now, lets bring it back into action
There's a little bit of life but its lacking the passion
Rollin’ the dice in this life is everlasting
You puff puff pass and at last you catch it
A little bit of light coming in through the window
The sun is coming up, your thinking it’s time to go
You want to know as you walking away
Everybody needs a little lottery

Your numbers coming’ up everyday
And I know I cant win if I don’t play
Must believe in all these choices you make
Cause one time you’ll find your life spinning in lottery

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From The Album

Where's The Love?

Released 05/08/2011

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