Where’s The Love?


Where’s the love I say you must of forgot
Your thinking of do I believe it or not
As your going on and on just to blow up my spot
I would have never done anything to fuck what we got

Well I’m thrown into the fire I’ve got nothing left to loose
It’s coming down to the wire, expire then cut it loose
All that desire is ain’t nothing but a noose
You gotta check it cause I’m coming with the clues

When it’s win, lose or drew I’ve got these tricks up my sleeve
Now your trying to tell me things that I couldn't believe
And now I’m talking with you when you wont even let me speak
Is this really how your gonna let it be


I want to burn it all until there’s nothing left
I wont stick around fifty year that ill forget
And if it is you bet i’m watching everyone who follows
Look me in the eyes because the eyes they never
there ain’t no way to hide the truth from yourself
Keep it going on so long now envision yourself
Take your world and you tip it, flip it upside down
You look for love when there ain’t none around


Thrown into the fire where’s the mother fucking love

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Where's The Love?

Released 05/08/2011

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