Noise Magazine Boston “Where’s The Love” CD Review

Posted Wednesday, May. 30, 2012

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“I’d half-expect to hear this album blasting from the open window of some college dorm-room into the quad where a couple kids are playing Frisbee. But I can’t simply label it as mindless popped-collar frat-rock because—well, it isn’t. Not by a long shot. The tunes are driven by acoustic guitar, the rhythm section’s doused in funky grooves, and there’s a palpable jam-band feel to the album. There aren’t, however, lengthy stretches of instrumental masturbation. And, the songs are thankfully lacking in nasally peanut-butter-mouthed vocals and castrati-type falsetto á la Dave Matthews. Instead, the male vocalist has a gruff townie tenor that wavers between soulful grit and break-neck lyrical spitting. While TRP’s infectious melodicism and pop lyrics make it radio-friendly, they perform with enough swagger and guts to keep it from the doldrums of adult-contemporary limbo.”

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