We’re Back in the Studio!!

Posted Friday, Aug. 30, 2013

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We are deep in the heart of Woodshop Recording Studios, 5 sessions in, recording our new album.

As some of you may have noticed from our live shows, we have some new players and have had an amazing time with them in the studio.

Icculus has been rocking the saxophone and Brian has been bringing a fresh new sound to the band with his melodic and fluid trumpet playing. The new horn section is taking on a life of its own, and we love it.

This is Brian’s last night with us before he moves off to Colorado for school,  so we are working overtime and giving him as much time recording  before he leaves. He really adds a new flavor to our sound. (There are rumors he may be back for a couple surprise shows over the winter!)

We also have Ben Siwak bringing his signature bass heavy grooves to the table. His style and finesse  are second to none and we are honored to have him on board.

We have allowed more space for Tim to utilize his turntables this time around and we are more than eager for you to hear what he has been adding thus far. It’s the future. He’s bringing the future to us through his turntables.  Scratching, synths, etc. we have opened the floodgates this time and allowed everyone to shine where they wanted to.

Chris Taillon is bringing a funk groove and his usual enthusiasm for anything music related.  There are few people with the passion Chris brings to the stage and to the studio.

We’re going to have an album that truly represents where we are today. We are constantly growing as musicians and as a band. We really try and listen to our fans and people that we meet on the road. We do this for you.  The band is adjusting to our new members, the songs are taking shape and we are bringing our live show to the studio, harnessing it, and attempting to bring you the best possible album we possibly can.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy this CD as much as we did making it for you!


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