The Romano Project hails from the Merrimack Valley, a group of cities and towns just north of Boston, Massachusetts. The band was pieced together to make a refreshing new sound in early 2010 by gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eddie Romano. With a high attention to rhythm and a passionately gruff vocal style, he constructed a group of talented musicians that share a common musical vision, now known as The Romano Project. Or simply, TRP.

Since their live debut as a trio in 2010 at Harry’s Hoe-down, they have kept feet moving for many years since then. Drummer John Elliott and multitalented musician Chris Taillon have been playing together in various bands for 15 years prior to TRP.  They asked a long time friend, Tim Dunning aka “DJ Icculus” to join the band and he soon started layering infectious sax grooves and his unmatchable scratching styles over TRP’s sound. These musicians can be found on the bands first EP, “Where’s The Love?”, with appearances by Steve Gofstein on bass and Ryan Goodhue on keys.

They soon after acquired bass player Ben Siwak, a musician well versed in the art of jazz, funk, and blues music, and his longtime friend Brian Cogger, a creative trumpet player with energetic hooks and a unique approach to music. They’ve made many contacts in the close-knit New England music scene, and will frequently host some of these friends onstage.  The Hornitz, Force of the Alchemystics, Shawn LaRochelle from StraddleDaddy, and Johnny Bongos have been known to find their way onstage during Romano Project’s shows.  The band continues to demonstrate their catchy hooks, brash rapid fire vocals, slow build of chords and non stop energy that culminate into intoxicating and infectious sing-alongs.

Meet the Band

Eddie Romano -   Vocals, Guitar

Formerly a member of The Change-Up, Project Unconfined, and Damelatones Groove,  Eddie has been actively engaged in the music scene since 1994.  Originally playing bass when he was 15, Eddie eventually switched to guitar.  A prolific song-writer, he describes his style as aggressive folk.

John Elliott -   Drums, Percussion,Vocals

Johnny is the heartbeat behind the band. After playing drums with many different bands over the last 15 years, he has finally found his home with TRP. “ It’s a really great feeling to share the stage with my true friends. We have had the chance for so many great memories over the years.”

  • Famous Words or Favorite Quote: "I got blisters on me fingers!" - Ringo Star
  • Email: [email protected]

Tim “Icculus” Dunning -   Turntables/Sampling and saxophone

The multi-talented, DJ and saxophonist that really exemplifies the the diversity of TRP!

He is from Lawrence MA and currently is involved with 3 bands as well, The Romano Project , Blanket Party and a yet unnamed project featuring former members of Manifest.

Ben Siwak -   Bass

Ben combines a solid jazz background with smooth funk feel for a unique and deep pocket.  His playing is also informed by a discerning taste for electronic bass music.

Brian Cogger -   Trumpet

Brian also plays regularly around the North Shore jazz scene with The Pocket Money Orchestra.

Check out his website here

Zack Martin -   Lead Guitar

Zach has been dropping burning solos for the Romano Project since Strange Creek 2014.  His head-turning blues style is a welcome addition to the band, whether he’s taking the lead or providing subtle accompaniment.

Josh Rosburg -   Tenor Saxophone

Hailing from Western Mass, Josh adds a sultry low end to the Romano Project horn section.  He’s also accomplished on piano, guitar, and vocals, with a knack for songwriting.